There are basically two people that this platform serves. The Influencer and The Advertiser. You can either be one or both of the two.

An Influencer is the one that makes money on this platform by performing simple task. This task is to review as many posted contents as available in the membership area and choose the ones to share on your social media account namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp. It equally entails choosing brands or people to follow on social media. That is all that get an Influencer paid.

An advertiser is the one that brings his interest which could be offline business, websites, apps, or whatever interest that is legal and legitimate to be promoted by our teeming members on their social media handles.

How Does Viral Hacking Work?

It’s simply by engaging or contracting several thousands or millions of people to promote products and services by just sharing and broadcasting them on their social media accounts. It’s such a very simple but powerful technique.

On our platform, the people that share and broadcast these products and services are christened as PUBLISHERS; and they get paid for such simple activities. They are never under any pressure to sell individually to earn. In fact, you don’t need to sell. The idea of Cyber Viral Marketing Office is simply to make a product or service noticeable and popular among millions of people as this will eventually create sales in the long run.

The truth is, you’ve been doing this for fun without been getting paid; after all you’ve probably, today, shared some posts on Facebook; re-tweet some tweets on Twitter; and even broadcast some information on Whatsapp. Now, the opportunity has beckoned on you to register with Cyber Viral Marketing Office as Publisher who makes extra income doing this very simple task.

Cyber Viral Marketing Office is newly launched, and right now registration to work with us as Publisher is ongoing which is intended to run from July 2019 to September 2019.

Yes it important that we bring in at least a 100,000 people as publishers before we start promoting advertisers’ products and services. You’re therefore encourage to click on Register button below to register. Let’s work together for the good of the society. Registration is FREE.


Once more, our platform, Cyber Viral Marketing Office, is a system that allows you and several thousands of people to register as publisher in promoting products and services of advertisers only on your timeline on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and WHATSAPP. This gets you and every other member on this platform paid in return. Registration is forever FREE.

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