You simply register to become a member; and Registration is forever FREE. Your successful registration as a member makes you a Influencer on this platform.

For you to earn as a registered member, or in another word as a Influencer, you must log-in to your account dashboard where you’ll find one of the menus named TASK. This is where you’ll have access to the Contents that you’re to SHARE and BROADCAST on any or all of the following platforms:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Each action shall earn you one point. For example if you share Content on your Facebook timeline, you get a Point; if therefore you share that same Content on all the 4 Platforms, that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp, then you shall have 4 Points.

You get paid for the accrued points you score per each quarter of the operational year. Simply put, we shall be paying out in March, June, September, and December of every year. This, hopefully, shall later change to even weekly payment as our brand,, grows in leaps and bounds.

The payout is based on RATIO value such that the exact figure of what you potentially earn is calculated as:

[Your Accrued Points/Total Accrued Points of all Members] x [Total Revenue to be Shared at that particular quarter of the year].

The option for Premium membership attracts a one-time fee of N2,000 only. This fee, amidst other relevant inputs that ensure the growth of this platform which it would be used for, shall be added to a pool of fund in our Forex and Binary Option Trade portfolio. A premium member gets monthly bonus from the profits of this trading.

Premium membership is a sacrificial effort at making sure that members get paid some bonus on monthly basis, which is independent of primary publishing task they do on their account’s dashboard that get them paid quarterly.

Thus, it is only premium members that get paid on monthly basis. There’s however no fixed amount of money they get paid monthly as each month’s earning will be solely determined by the total amount available to be shared; which is a proceeds from the forex and binary option trade for that particular month. Some lucrative startup shall be launched too which will solely be owned by Premium members. The intention is to build a wealth empire for Premium members in the long run. In brevity, the benefits of Premium membership are:

Upgrading to become a Premium member is an option which only ensures getting paid some bonus on monthly basis; it does not in any way affects your primary publishing work as member which essentially gets you paid on quarterly basis. It’s therefore not compulsory that you upgrade to premium membership to earn on this platform unless you want to get paid some bonus every month.

You must have registered to become a member before you can upgrade your membership status to Premium. Therefore to upgrade, click on a Menu named Upgrade as made available in your Dashboard. This allows you to make a one-time upgrade fee online via a secured VOGUEPAY payment gateway.

There’s a Menu in your dashboard named Withdrawal. This Menu is meant for transferring your earnings to your personal Bank Account. Click on it to fill all the required details. You’ll get Bank alert within 24 hours.